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Together with you we create a tailor-made product with a focus on sustainability, quality and innovation. Our team of experts will guide you through the process from idea to final product.

Category consultancy

Our commercial team of experts will thoroughly advise you in your search for the ultimate product range, taking into account what will fit your benchmark.

The following elements will help determine your needs:

  • Sales channel
  • Life stage
  • Breed specific nutritional requirements
  • Health concepts
  • Market requirements and environment
  • Customer marketing strategy
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Product development


Our nutritionists are always on the lookout for innovative raw materials and additives. Based on the client’s specific requirements, we then use the selected ingredients to create a tailor-made blend. Prior to the production, the formula is tested in our lab and at animal test centres.

Our nutritionists develop your products based on the “Good Food Principle”, which means that for every new recipe, they keep in mind:

  • The flavour of the product
  • The digestibility of the product
  • The health of the animal
Product development

In-house Design team

Clients can consult our in-house design team to help create an attractive and effective packaging style, perfectly aligned with their corporate identity as well as the latest trends in the field.

Our professional designers, who work closely with the commercial team, each have multiple years of experience in developing suitable packaging designs for pet food companies. Hence, consulting them will help you generate great sales.

Inhouse design team


Due to our continuous investments in production sites, United Petfood is now one of the most technologically advanced and best-equipped pet food manufacturers in the world.

Our professional equipment allows us to incorporate large amounts of fresh meat into the food we produce. Thanks to the use of a vacuum coater, which distributes fats and oils evenly throughout the kibble, we are able to generate an outstanding palatability and flavour.

The production process, from receiving the raw materials to the delivery of the final product, is entirely automatic.

Everything runs in compliance with the GMP norms, among which the:

• Purchasing and supply of raw materials
• Reception and storage
• Quality control of raw materials
• Mixing and grinding
• Extrusion
• Quality control of extruded kibble
• Drying
• Vacuum core coater
• Cooling
• Packaging



At our production facilities, we use the most rigorous quality-management and food-safety systems, such as for example metal detectors, optical sorting and food analysis.

Our production facilities all come equipped with their own laboratories, which allows us to inspect both the raw materials as well as the finished products, thus ensuring the highest quality pet food.



Your wishes - our mission

Our fully automated packaging lines are efficient, yet highly flexible. We pack under your brand name in any size or style you desire.


Have your kibble packed in doypacks, boxes, cans, trays small or big bags: anything is possible!

Bags can be sealed in different ways, such as pinching or stitching. We can even provide several types of display packaging at your request.


Palletisation is fully automated and each pallet is provided with a digital identifier in order to ensure traceability throughout the production process.

During the packaging process, each bag or box passes through a metal detector and undergoes a weight check. To avoid colour contamination, we’re also sure to make use of an optical sorting device.

Customized mixes

Products can be packed by colour or by customized mix. You prefer boxes, plastic buckets or bags? At your service!

No idea is too crazy: our in-house design team will be very happy to help you make your vision come to life!




At United Petfood, we offer any type of pallet you may need. We believe flexibility in stacking and presentation is the key to coming up with good solutions.

Additionally, our private label pet food company has a large storage warehouse, which enables a high-performing supply chain.

United Petfood has an international team that will help you obtain the necessary export certifications and comply with all of the relevant regulations. Hereby, your products can be shipped to requested destinations all over the world.

Thanks to our extensive experience and professionalism, we ensure a smooth delivery of all of your products.



Our goal is not to be the biggest, but rather the best pet food manufacturer, always keeping quality & innovation on top of the list. We challenge ourselves to improve our range every day. We don’t just strive to keep up with the latest trends, but also to be trendsetters in our industry.

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