Dry pet food Extruded, cold pressed, oven baked

Extruded Kibbles

Our extruded kibbles consist of unprocessed cereals, which generally have a high acceptance rate. During the production process, the ingredients are ground, mixed and heat-treated. There are many shape possibilities, so let the fun begin!

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Cold Pressed Kibbles

In order to preserve all essential nutrients, these kibbles are gently pressed at a very low temperature. The nutrients are released gradually, making them easily digestible. In short, the cold pressed kibbles retain flavour, aroma and nutritional value. Healthy and yummy!


Oven Baked Kibbles

These goodies are slowly baked at a low temperature, allowing all nutrients to be preserved. Our oven-baked kibbles are natural, free from additional preservatives, artificial colouring, flavouring and GMO’s. No doggy complaints here!

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A range for every appetite

DRY good 2


  • Multi kibbles
  • Good basic food, balance between price & quality
  • Tailor-made recipes
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More paw-some

  • Mono kibble
  • Premium formulas
  • Tailor-made recipes
DRY best 2


  • Mono kibble
  • Fresh meat addition
  • Use of exotic and specialized meats
  • Holistic & natural formulas
  • Functional (ingredients with specific dietary wishes (grain free, fruits & herbs, ...)
  • Full range (functional specific, size specific, age specific)

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