Biscuits & Snacks Healthy and tasty treats



  • ハーブ
  • 100%天然素材
  • 昆虫ミール
  • 特別な素材
  • 砂糖無添加
  • 穀物不使用
  • 単一たんぱく質
  • 栄養ぎっしり
  • 天然の風味
  • 菜食
  • 多様な肉の種類
  • 果物/野菜
  • 機能的
  • 人工着色料・人工香料不使用
Te shooten producten
Roasted poppy seeds
Roasties (with) Poppy Seeds
Mini teddy bears
Mini Teddy Bears
Grainfree beef clovers
Grainfree Beef Clovers
1884 detail
1892 detail
Marrow Bone
Strawberry hearts
Strawberry Hearts
Tapioca Lamb Drops
Lamb & Rice Drops



  • 湿り気のある
  • 生肉
  • 穀物不使用
  • 砂糖無添加
  • 菜食
  • 爽やかな息
  • 単一たんぱく質
  • ハーブ
  • 低刺激性
Bacon strip daya en sk8er
Dental stick
Dental Stick
Cat Pillows
Semi moist hearts
Semi-moist Hearts
Puppy bones
Puppy Bones
Beef Jerkies
Bacon Strips
Bacon Strips
Mini Dental Stick
Mini Dental Stick
UP Sfeer 2021 9962

Want a tailor made solution? Our team of nutrionists will help you

Our nutritionists are always on the hunt for innovative raw materials and additives. We then use these to create a tailor-made blend based on the client’s specific requirements. Prior to the production, the formula is tested in our lab and at animal test centers.

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