United Petfood announces the acquisition of Gold Line Feeds

oct. 13, 2022

GENT, Belgium, 2022-10-13- International pet food producer, United Petfood, announces the takeover of Gold Line Feeds in the UK. The acquisition strengthens the position of United Petfood as full-service pet food producer.

United Petfood Group will take over the brands and customer base of the factory. They will house production and distribution at their current sites and move administrative functions to United Petfood UK.

Gold Line Feeds is an independent animal feed manufacturer with 80 years of experience situated in Northamptonshire, UK. The British factory supplies about 20.000 tonnes of dry pet food each year.

This takeover strengthens United Petfood’s position within the pet food manufacturing market and in particular within the UK. United Petfood Group operates out of 20 pet food facilities situated in 8 different European countries. The takeover is in line with the strategy of United Petfood to reinforce and grow the business.

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