UP Sfeer 2021 0272

High levels of minimally processed fresh ingredients incorporated into dry food for dogs & cats

Exclusive concept in dry pet food nutrition developed over 5 years by United Petfood.

Uniquely gentle and flexible preparation and cooking process using the freshest human grade ingredients which means it is now possible to produce dry foods without the need for rendered meat meals.

Sustainable process from sourcing through to recipe development, cooking, storage and supply.

Key benefits for your brand

  • Ingredienti freschi e di qualità
  • Fino al 100% di carne fresca
  • Frutta e verdura
  • Consumo minimo
  • Migliore resistenza alla rottura e all'abrasione

Our commitment to you

  • It's really fresh
  • If it's on the bag, it's in the bag
  • Total food safety
  • Full batch traceability
  • Transparant sustainable supply chain

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