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United Petfood offers three packaging solutions: standard bags, custom-made packaging and display packaging.

United Petfood has 15 packaging lines, meaning we are able to offer clients a wide range of packaging options (tailor made packaging).

Kibble can be packed in all sorts of bags. Weights range from 100gr up to 25kg. Doypacks, boxes, small bags, big bags – whatever you desire. We pack under your brand name in any size you want. Our fully automated packaging lines are highly efficient and yet very flexible.

Bags can be sealed in different ways (sealing, pinching and stitching). We can even provide several types of display packaging at the client’s request.

Palletisation is fully automated and each pallet is provided with a digital identifier in order to ensure traceability throughout the production process.

During the packaging process, each bag/box passes through a metal detector, undergoes a weight check and passes through an optical sorting device to avoid colour contamination.

Biscuits can be packed by type or colour, or by customised biscuit mix, in boxes, plastic buckets, big boxes or big bags.

Our in-house design team will be very happy to help you design your bags.

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