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Product development

Product development

The nutritionists collect information on the raw materials and additives. Based on this information and the requirements of the client a formula is put together. A recipe can only be altered on the request of a client. 
The nutritionists are always looking for innovative raw materials and additives and these raw materials are also presented to our clients. This approach is what makes United Petfood a ‘trend setter' instead of a ‘trend follower'.

The shape(s) and colour(s) of your product are then established.

If you want another form other than those available at United Petfood, a new mould will be made for you.

By manufacturing a sample product batch you can evaluate and/or test your product.

Good Food Principle

Our nutritionists develop your products based on the ‘Good Food Principle' which means that for every development, they take into account:

  • The health of the animal
  • The taste of the product
  • The digestibility of the product
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