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At United Petfood, we are committed to making your product a real success! We go far beyond the production of tailor-made pet food and establish strong, long-lasting partnerships based on trust and transparency. As true channel specialists, we guide and consult our customers from idea to final product, always ensuring the highest quality standards. We provide a full-service package, entirely customized to your company’s wants and needs.

Whether you’re just getting started or are already established – our international team of pet food experts is ready to welcome you onboard!

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Guidance from idea to final product

Our commercial team of experts will thoroughly advise you in your search for the ultimate product range, taking into account what will fit your benchmark.

Exclusive recipes

Our nutritionists are always on the lookout for innovative, raw materials and additives. Based on your specific requirements, we then use these ingredients to create a tailor-made blend.

In-house design team

Our professional designers, who work closely with the commercial team, have multiple years of experience in developing suitable packaging designs for pet food companies.

Packaging, your wishes, our mission

Our fully automated packaging lines are efficient, yet highly flexible. We pack under your brand name in any size or style you desire.

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Todos somos especialistas en canales
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Gama completa de productos de la más alta calidad

How we create our products

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